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Learning about personal finance can be intimidating. At Banana Split Marketing we've created financial books and boardgames that are unique and easy to understand. How? We relate the subjects of personal finance to the ingredients of a banana split: Dish-banana-ice cream-toppings-whipped cream and a cherry-on-top! Add the all-important understanding of your relationship to money and collaborating with others for increased financial leverage and you're on the path of least resistance to happiness and wealth ... and the American Dream.

The AMERICA Love It-Buy It- Change It books teach you personal finance as taken from the Financial Banana Split Book, plus a new chapter: A path To Social Justice. This additional chapter shows you how to take your "Banana Split" personal financial knowledge and work with others towards a more equitable and stronger America.

Our Story

Financial success as a business owner enabled me, the company's president, to retire a millionaire at 39. I then focused on my new financial reality: Personal Finance. I quickly realized business finance and personal finance are two very different animals. Why? Money in business is largely pre-allocated for expenses such as wages, taxes, operations, inventory, marketing, etc. Personal money is a free-for-all: It's largely up to you how to spend it: Buy or rent your residence or car. How and what to invest in, what to spend on entertainment, clothing, food, charity, etc. I started reading books by the best selling authors on personal finance: Suze Orman, Dave Ramsey, Benjamin Graham, etc. Great books and I understood them all but they each have their different approaches and emphasis. I couldn't find just one book that would truly help me understand my own unique relationship with money and detail for me exactly how and what to invest in and how money really works so I can get the most benefit from it.

Most people don't read even a single book on personal finance and it's not generally taught to us in school - either high school or college. Money is a highly emotional subject. The thought of studying it is intimidating. We either  believe it's complicated and too much to learn or we're just supposed to know it because we deal with it every day.

That was my ah-ha moment: If it was uncomfortable for me, a millionaire, to study personal finance, for people less experienced in money matters it must be even more so. That's when I decided to write comprehensive, easily understood, step-by-step personal finance books using classic, time-tested self-empowerment techniques coupled with classic real-world personal financial methodologies. Their purpose is to put you on the path of least resistance to happiness and wealth... step-by-step and within easy reach.

I also designed a simple and fun-to-play boardgame: Ice Cream and Money ... For Everybody!! It reinforces the information you learn in the books while you move your ice cream cone gamepiece around a colorful game board. It's fast, fun and easy to play and comes complete with dice, game cards and simple instructions.

I wish you success and happiness on the path to your American Dream.

Bruce A. Rowland, President

Banana Split Marketing, LLC.

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